About My Poetry

At the urging of many people whom I trust, I have taken the step of submitting for publication many of my best poems.  Most publications specify explicitly that all submitted work must never have been previously published–even online as part of a personal blog. However, what finished works I do post in this category do not comprise a ‘loser’ pile.  They are here because they have qualities that make them best suited for this sort of personal, social networking.  In fact, some of the poems posted here are among my favorites, and are works particularly well suite for supporting themes that recur throughout this site.  Other poems are here because I didn’t understand these publication specifications until I had already posted work I would have otherwise chosen for submission.  None the less, it seems inevitable that much of the work that I submit for publication will be politely rejected.  (I am a bit worried that they all will be rejected.)  Where those rejected works meet my needs on this site, I will post them.
I can’t escape accepting that posting the product of my thinking and imagination to such a public site implies a certain degree of vanity.  I admit this in face of the fact that I own quite an introverted, thin-skinned personality.  Please don’t let this get in the way of any urges you might have to post comments.  Posting and publishing my work is just one step toward growing as a writer.  Just as important is receiving constructive comments from readers.  Rants and raves also have a useful place in the process.  Your raves will offer me encouragement; and your rants may be useful for thickening my skin and helping to lead you toward resolving issues that I would otherwise not be able to assist you with.

Oct. 22, 2010


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