Chime Runner

Tonight I watched Blade Runner, the sci-fi classic and E-Ticket ride through metaphysics & epistemology. This was the ‘Final Cut’ version I hadn’t before seen. I couldn’t figure out what was different about the sound track until I realized I was also hearing the wind chime on my front porch. The chime had been quiet until recently, when I rehabilitated it by adding a shiny hard-disk platter as a wind-catcher.

The irony was hard to ignore: a metal disk comprising thousands of visions, thoughts, and memories–unverifiable except for the seemingly disorganized notes it beat through the screen door.

There might be a strange Cartesian circle somewhere here to consider. Just as likely, there is a good ghost story, which would be easier to write. Maybe Stephen King is just a frustrated existentialist.


Sept. 4, 2011



One thought on “Chime Runner

  1. Thank you for writing this…………..your writing always makes me stop and think. It also greatly expands my thinking…………I would probably just have turned up the sound and shut the door so that pesky wind chime didn’t interfere with my viewing………..oh but what a narrow view.

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