Pressing Statistics

I’ve been reviewing readership statistics for my blog site. This is what the numbers seem to say–

If I post a blog on a Monday, it won’t be read until the following Saturday.
If I post something semi-clever and apolitical (mostly), I’ll receive positive comments on Facebook.
If I post something overtly intellectual (okay–pseudo intellectual), I’ll receive positive comments and referrals via WordPress.
If I post poetry, I get comments and referrals from everyone, as well as invitations to join various writers’ groups. This despite the fact that I usually don’t post my best poetry.
If I put a lot of effort into a blog, few people will read it, and fewer will comment.
If I barf up two hundred barely readable words in ten minutes and nonchalantly post it, everyone will read and like it, and Askimet will work overtime to screen out all the barely readable comments by nuts.

So, what does all this suggest? I don’t know. Maybe, don’t think too hard on Monday, and don’t make people think too hard on Saturday. Or maybe, just keep writing and posting, and infer nothing from statistics. I mean, what the hell–it’s not like I get paid for any of this.

June 27, 2012


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