Athena Winced

If you’ve been around cattle, you already know what comes out the end opposite the nose. You also know that in politics, as in the barnyard, what goes around comes around.
Socrates, democracy’s supreme rabble-rousing patriot, could have escaped his legal predicament simply by leaving Athens.  History says he surrendered because of his sense of obligation to Athens’ judicial system, flawed as it was.  I think he was also so sickened by the decline of Athenian democracy that he couldn’t bare to watch its death from any distance.  For Socrates a cup of Hemlock was certainly sweeter than witnessing the birth of history’s first democratically elected totalitarian government.


Our withers weather
the whether or nots
of knots of withering
hails of shot from
distempered hells we’ve
tempered and wrought
from our dithering withers
which darkness would blot–
but cannot.

Gavin W Sisk
Sept. 2012



2 thoughts on “Athena Winced

  1. I don’t think it’s quite tit for tat (while not oblivious to the poem being the actual meat of the thing). Obama really was born here but the financial concerns – the offshore money, the staggering aptitude demonstrated by the IRA, the perception of his performance at Bain being anything more than mediocre and craven, the pulled me up by my bootstraps with only the slightest help from being George Romney’s son – some may be true, some is undeniable, it’s all dismal prattle.

    I feel a little like déjà vu ala Nader’s run in 2000 based on there being no difference between Gore and Bush, oy! Anyway, I ramble and it’s late so I am back to having a whack at the poem. Hopefully talk soon and best, Vance

    • Thanks, Vance.

      I mostly agree with you on a micro level regarding this year’s parade. Frankly, I can’t imagine why any politician would volunteer to pretend to be in charge of this economy. I think “Tit for tat” accurately describes American election campaigns at the macro level. Specific dismal prattle earn their seat at the table by invitation of all preceding dismal prattle. The campaign machines sell it; the electorate buys it. It’s the capitalism of our minds. Reality is no more relavent to political campaigns than it is to reality TV shows.

      Of course, facing this reality is a bit like standing in the cross-hairs of a rifle scope and saying, “Hey, here comes a bullet!”


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