Cat Mood

Left for the day.
Forgot to feed the cat.
Bitching, moaning, whining,
and plodding like a miniature calico
draft horse around her empty kibble bowl.
Goddamn my sorry hairless Homosapien soul!
Filled the bowl and tickled her ticked-off nose—
hedged with a herring carcass on the heap.
Mea culpa. Cope with my caresses, Miss.
Don’t finger me your twitchy tail.
No, you took a bite or two,
pranced to the door,
left for the night.


Jan. 2013



3 thoughts on “Cat Mood

    • Thanks, man. I had a few minutes to kill while waiting for another round of Windows 8 updates to fail. The cat, Rosie, is my muse. Like all cats, her personal dramas run according to invented cycles. I must time my apologies perfectly to be allowed to sleep indoors in winter.

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