Saturday Notes

Slept past eight, past nine
Showered (disregarding the stubble)
Raisin Bran and a latte
Last night’s dishes
Doctor Who, again
(Adric gets what he deserves!)
Last night’s helium balloons falling
Email: ‘Check Facebook messages’
Facebook: another cat
Golf on channel seventy
PB&J, cheese stick, seltzer water
Napped on couch, on bed
Cajoled to an aerobic state
Sandals and Frisbee in the schoolyard
Slow walk home, against the sun
Burgers in a cast iron pan
Hop Czar IPA–half a glass
Facebook: dog licking sister’s face
Russian movie with subtitles
Little girl’s feet in my lap
Added to Amazon wishlist
Stopped Russian movie with subtitles
Lyle Lovett and police scanner app
Hop Czar IPA–last half of glass
Brushed teeth
Just one Xanax
Disregarding prosody, let in the cat

June 8, 2013


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