My Hat Your Hat Ass Hat

About Facebook. At this point I don’t think I care much about right or wrong.  Not sure that’s ever been my point to begin with, or ever should have been.  Maybe I’ll just stick to watching.  What else is there to do here?  And anyway, if we do treat each other like crap it’s only because we can.  If someone objects, well fuck them.  It’s a school yard, ass-hat.
We hang out here for ourselves, for personal reasons.  Don’t be fooled.  Just because this is social media, that doesn’t mean there’s a social contract.  We pretend there is, we leverage that (the spider always calling to the fly), but we’re just being ourselves: just fresh and natural, real.  We leap from virtue to virtue – snatch them up and wear them like holy t-shirts, one at a time.  Catch us if you can.  If you don’t understand that, you’re just wrong, just stupid, a loser.  You don’t see the webs?  You didn’t read our rules set in six-point Wingdings font?  It isn’t like marriage.  Hell, even marriage isn’t like marriage.
Wait!  Where are you going?  We don’t hate you; we love you.  Be our friend.  Learn to be sung to.  Come back!

Rub lemon oil on shit and voila: everyone walks away. Then there’s no shit!

Gavin W Sisk
Jan. 2014


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